firstobject XML Editor

firstobject XML Editor 2.4

Accesses and edits the content of XML files

Work with documents and databases saved and stored as standard XML files by opening them in the dedicated editor providing access to a set of tools for editing, parsing, aligning and indenting content, sending the files to printing and conversion. C++ code generation is possible.

firstobject XML Editor 2.3, as the name suggests, is a portable software that can be used as a simple text editor, HTML editor, and programmable XML utility, but the main purpose behind this software is to be used as an XML editor. It is very easy to use with some advanced features. firstobject XML Editor opens multi-megabyte files easily. You can format XML and edit HTML and any loosely formed XML or other markup. It provides a customizable tree navigation for easier access. After you have done editing your XML file, you can convert it into HTML using "Get HTML" option. You can also validate your XML file, it checks whether the file is according to the standards or not. It performs fast as it is built in CMarkup and it does not require Java or MSXML. You can also highlight the syntax the way you want. It also has inbuilt char unicode converter. It can automatically generate a program for you when you right-click on an element or attribute. In a debugging mode you can watch as it extracts information from documents and builds other documents.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Simple to use
  • MSXML based DTD validation
  • Syntax Highlighting


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